Arcade Push Button Light Switch Redux

I got a lot of feedback on my post from a couple days ago about making an Arcade Push Button Light Switch.  Mostly that this task could be easily accomplished with a single DPDT 110VAC relay.  While this true, the original post was really about using what I had on hand at the moment to remake something I saw online.

Never the less, while I was at Grainger this morning picking up supplies for another project I also grabbed a DPDT relay, part no. LY2-AC110/120, to make another version of the arcade button light switch.  This is how I would make the switch if I was going to be purchasing parts for it.

Here is a schematic.  This sort of design has been around for ages.  I guess people used to use relays for all kinds of control applications and called it Relay Logic

* Update *

A few people have asked for more pictures of what wires go where.  Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs that would be useful.  I did draw the picture below, though and I know of at least one person that built this switch based on it.  If you are unfamiliar with working with 120v household wiring be sure to ask someone who is in the know for some help.  Getting a shock from 120vac is unpleasant. 

Below is a picture of the microswitches in the arcade pushbuttons.  As you can see they are more than capable of switching the voltage and current required for this design.

So, wire it all up, apply some hot glue and drink some coffee.

And then take an action video.  I am switching my frequency counter in this video.  It is kind of handy anyway as the power switch for the counter is on the back of the unit.  I don't always use my frequency counter, but when I do, it's a pain to turn it on.  Well, not anymore.