Thor - A Programmable Brake Light Modulator

I have been rather busy developing products for my new company Lakeside Electronics, LLC and as such, haven't had much time to post anything in the way of projects over here.  This is OK however, because despite the massive amount of work involved in bringing a product like Thor to market, it turns out to be pretty fun too. 

Of course, I still have a few irons in the hobby fire, and with Halloween coming up there are bound to be some scary, or at a minimum, vaguely direful ideas cropping up in my yet-to-be-zombified mind.  But, first, I have some microcontrollers to program for a Boy Scout Troop.  I was recently contacted by (them) and I am quite pleased to help them out making Halloween Spooky Eyes.  Anytime someone is interested in learning new things I think it is fantastic.

Ok, so back to Thor - A Programmable Brake Light Modulator and Lakeside Electronics.  If you have been reading my recent posts you are probably already aware of what a brake light modulator is.  If you have any feedback, I'd like to hear it

And finally here is the video for Thor.