A GUI Makeover

I've been wanting to play around with a different look for this blog for a while now.  I thought the previous layout looked a bit passé.  I also didn't like the color scheme for unclicked hyperlinks vs clicked hyperlinks; they were hard to read and not distinct enough to be useful.

And, so I made a few changes.  It was a painful process; I don't consider myself to have an eye for the artistic.  Basically, I just poked around at color schemes and backgrounds for an hour until I got bored.

This new layout is definitively different and subjectively more satisfying to the eye.  Below is a pic of the old layout so that you can be the judge.

Ok, so I just checked the preview of this post before...posting, and I have to laugh a bit.  I guess the new and the old look are not as contradistinctive as I had led myself to believe.  We'll keep it anyhow.